Walking & Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

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As one of the most experienced and highly respected specialist wildlife and ecotourism operators in Bulgaria, Balkan Trek pride ourselves on designing and operating a unique range of bespoke wildlife and walking holidays for groups, families and individuals.

Walking through some of Bulgaria's most stunning landscapes and most important wildlife habitats, Balkan Trek nature tours are tailor-made to show you the most outstanding flora and fauna that Bulgaria has to offer, as well as helping you to discover more about Bulgaria's rich history and culture.

By exploring Bulgaria's nature reserves and national parks on foot, all Balkan Trek's wildlife holidays are designed to be of both high quality yet low impact, adhering to the highest standards of responsible tourism. Balkan Trek's walking and wildlife holidays are not simply about observing wildlife, but also about conserving wildlife, as well as preserving the habitats on which that wildlife relies, and the traditional way of life of the local people who are its most important guardians. 

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