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Walking & Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

Walking & Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

Holiday Testimonials 2007

'Where to start? A very special trip with glorious weather and scenery, two wonderful local guides and a great group! This was my first visit to Bulgaria and my first snowshoeing; lots of firsts, all of them memorable. The snowshoeing was a lovely way to get about, allowing us to boldly go where mere feet would have had us floundering up to our waists in some places. I thought it was appropriately graded, as the steep ascents and descents were just enough of a challenge and very exhilarating. I felt we all learnt quite a bit of technique without even realising it, thanks to Tsveta and Lati and their effortless teaching. I was certainly more confident by the end of the week and can't wait to do snowshoeing another year.'


'Terrific group leader, knowledgeable about all aspects of Bulgaria's culture, history, flora and fauna. Excellent grasp of English to the extent of even understanding our jokes. He was always patient, understanding and most caring, especially when some of the group were a bit ill. He saw us as more than just clients and he enhanced the holiday enormously.'