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Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria

Birdwatching in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains

Balkan Trek's unique and highly rewarding birdwatching holiday in Bulgaria offers a thorough exploration of many of the most rewarding birdwatching sites in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains. This birdwatching holiday takes your from the ancient forests, hay meadows and karst limestone gorges of the Western (Rodopi) Mountains, to the dramatic volcanic outcrops, oak woodlands, dry grasslands, scrub and river valleys, of the Eastern Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains. This bird watching holiday in Bulgaria's Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, thus offers an ideal chance to find and photograph many of Bulgaria’s most sought after species of birds. By the end of this birdwatching holiday in Bulgaria's Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, you will not only have had the chance to find and photograph a spectacular variety of birds, but also have had a memorable insight into both the outstanding biodiversity of the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, as well as the traditional way of life and rural heritage which helps to preserve the wealth of birdwatching habitats in this part of Bulgaria.

Birdwatching Holiday in Bulgaria's Rodopi Mountains

Birdwatching Holiday in Rhodope Bulgaria

Birdwatching Holidays in Eastern Rhodope

Birdwatching Holiday in Eastern Rhodope

Birdwatching Holiday in Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains

Holiday Highlights

- Ever changing succession of birdwatching habitats set amongst stunning mountain landscapes.

- One of the top raptor regions in Europe, with 37 species of birds of prey recorded, including Levant Sparrowhawk, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Griffon Vulture and Egyptian Vulture.

- Breathtaking gorges and rock outcrops with Wallcreeper, Western Rock Nuthatch, Blue Rock Thrush and Black Stork.

- Ancient forests harbouring Spotted Nutcracker, Capercaillie, Hazel Grouse, Black Woodpecker, Grey-headed Woodpecker and White-backed Woodpecker.

- Elusive species such as Stone Curlew, Rock Partridge, Corncrake and Masked Shrike.

- Beautiful photogenic birds such as Hoopoe, Eurpopean Bee-eater, Roller and Golden Oriole.

- Remote villages preserving unique vernacular architecture.

- Opportunities to observe and experience a traditional rural way of life.

- Delicious traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

- An experienced, knowledgeable and highly informative naturalist guide.

NB: Unlike many other wildlife holiday companies in Bulgaria who attempt to cut costs by making their guides have to double up as drivers, we employ separate professional drivers with licensed vehicles for all our birdwatching holidays in Bulgaria as we believe it is not only safer to have a driver fully focused on the road, but also allows our guides to concentrate fully on looking after you and finding you the wildlife!

Further Inspiration

Due to its remoteness and the extensive range of habitats, Bulgaria's Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains are internationally recognized as one of the best destinations for a birdwatching holiday in Europe. Balkan Trek's tailor-made birdwatching holidays in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains provide an opportunity to discover the amazing ornithological wealth of this region. The mystical Rodopi (Rhodope)Mountains boast an outstanding mix of birds that includes 37 species of birds of prey. But as well as being a remote haven for vultures and a mouth-watering assortment of other rare raptors, the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains are also the ideal place for birdwatchers to seek out and find a whole host of other much sought after species. During this holiday you will journey through an ever-changing succession of habitats, birdwatching amongst rugged rock outcrops, ancient coniferous forests, deciduous scrubs, lush meadows, expansive pastures, and an intricate network of shimmering reservoirs and rivers.

We can begin our birdwatching holiday in the officially designated Western Rodopi (Rhodope) Important Bird Area, looking out for birds such as Spotted Nutcracker, Black Woodpecker, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Common Rosefinch and Pallid Swift.

The focus of our birdwatching in the Trigrad-Mursalitsa Important Bird Area will, of course, be Wallcreeper and Hazel Grouse, along with Rock Partridge, Rock Bunting, Alpine Swift and Sombre Tit.

As we make our way from the Western Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains to the Eastern Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, we will spend some time birdwatching in the Dobrostan Important Bird Area, looking for birds such as Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush and Isabelline Wheatear.

Once in the heart of the Eastern Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, we will visit the Krumovitsa, Studen Kladenets and Arda Bridge Important Birds Areas, where there are good opportunities for Black Stork, Levant Sparrowhawk, Western Rock Nuthatch, Chukar, Eleonora's Falcon and Lesser Grey Shrike.

A day in the remote Byala Reka Important Bird Area is a worthy addition, being one of the best places for Black Vulture and Lesser Spotted Eagle, as well as offering a colourful assortment of other birds such as Hoopoe, Roller, Golden Oriole and European Bee-eater.

Moving on through the Ivaylovgrad Reservoir Important Bird Area we will keep our eyes open for White-tailed Eagle, before entering the Madzharovo Important Bird Area with its large colony of Griffon Vulture, along with Egyptian Vulture and many other raptors. Here too we will look for Masked Shrike.

 Further Information

If you are interested in a tailor-made birdwatching holiday in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, then please email Balkan Trek with more details of your own special requirements and plans, and we will be happy to design and organize for you a rewarding and memorable birdwatching holiday observing and photographing the outstanding birds of the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains!

 Responsible Tourism Promise

All our birdwatching holidays in Bulgaria are operated in accordance with our strict Responsible Tourism Policy, ensuring that the birdwatching holidays we offer in Bulgaria are not only of the highest quality but also help preserve the natural habitats and traditional way of life of the local Bulgarian people.