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Walking & Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

Walking Holidays in Rodopi Mountains

Walking in Bulgaria

Wildlife Holidays in Bulgaria

Snowshoeing in Bulgaria

Snowshoeing in Bulgaria's Rodopi Mountains

Holiday Testimonials 2018


'The whole tour was fantastic. The walks were all so different which is exactly what I love! You couldn't ask for a better guide. So informative, thoughtful, experienced, fun, interesting. Completely exceeded any expectations.'


'Fantastic holiday. Enjoyed all the walks - especially the pace, stopping to look at anything of interest. Real highlight was learning so much from Julian about natural history and Bulgaria. July exceeded my expectations. So knowledgeable and interesting. he managed the group brilliantly. A great inspiration. Very considerate and kind.'


'Rodopi is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. I enjoyed all the walks. The meadows were stunning and we always stopped somewhere scenic for lunch. Highlights were the bears, food, landscape and knowledgeable guide. I couldn't imagine a more suitable person for the role. Fun, safe, considerate and knew the area. Very approachable and patient at all times.'


'Enjoyed the holiday due to a combination of good group, good leader, good weather, good scenery and good hotel. Highlight had to be seeing the bears, two sets of mothers and cubs. Julian was an outstanding leader. Really knew his stuff and communicated it well. He made everyone comfortable. He dealt well with the local people too.'


'The highlights were numerous. I enjoyed all the walks and was lucky enough to see bears in daylight. This was an excellent tour. I would highly recommend Bulgaria, Julian and the particular tour to others. Julian's excellent knowledge and good company made the week relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable.


'I would like to do this all over again next year. The tour leader, Julian, surpassed all expectations and looked after us really well on walks, and lots of bear information given.'


'One of the best leaders we have encountered. Julian's encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna was impressive and enjoyable.'

D.T. & S.T.

'Julian brought excellent knowledge and shared it generously with us. He was good humoured, easy going, very organized, and generous with his time and energy. I loved learning all I did on the trip.'


'Truly one of the best leaders I have met. Julian was very tolerant of the idiosyncrasies of the group. He imparted knowledge about bears in appropriate bitesize pieces appropriate to the group. This tour more than met my expectations and I would consider coming back and doing this same tour again in a couple of years. '


'A very good trip. The leader's knowledge of the locality and flora and fauna was excellent and he always went out of his way to ensure all was well.'


'The holiday was well-led and very well organized. It was lovely to be able to pause on our walks to admire the natural beauty.'


'Enjoyed all the walks. Wonderful scenery and just enough of a challenge. Great leader, full of fascinating information, and helpful to everyone who needed help. Holiday exceeded my expectations. Fantastic week, wish I could have stayed longer.'


'Julian is an expert and gave great insight into Bulgarian history as well as fantastic commentary on each walk.'


'Fantastic! Far exceeded expectations and will be back. Felt that I learned a lot on this holiday whilst having a great time.'



'Loved the nature reserve for the snakes and lizards etc. Obviously bear and boar sightings were fantastic.'


'I have really enjoyed my trip. Highlights were probably the 9 bears and the spectacular views. Julian is a really wonderful guide. He really made this trip special. I would definitely recommend.'


'All the walks were lovely. Loved the high meadows and wildflowers, butterflies etc. Lovely meals. Julian was excellent; extremely knowledgeable, as well as a fun leader. The best!'


'The tour covered an excellent variety and range of wildlife and nature. Forests, meadows and rivers. Leader had excellent knowledge of the area and superlative information on his subject. Reflected an enthusiasm to share this with the group.'


'Excellent holiday. We were very lucky with the weather and group on this trip – but all round we’ve had a wonderful time! Nelly was excellent – making everyone feel welcome and answering all questions patiently.'


'I would highly recommend the tour. Neli was an amazingly knowledgeable leader and performed over and above expectations.' 


'Good walks, good snow, sunny, but would have been good even if conditions were less favourable! Wonderful trip – good walking, wonderful scenery, dramatic weather, great company. Nelly is wonderful. Knowledgeable, genuinely concerned for the tour party, very understanding – dealt with all tour members as individuals. Excellent.'


'Nellie was fantastic! She is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We could not have asked for a better guide!'


'I’ve been on many trips. Nelly was the greatest, most enthusiastic, best ever leader.'


'Nelly was friendly and informative. Always relaxed and helpful. A superb leader.'


'Neli was extremely good, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly’.


'A very good holiday. I enjoyed each and every day. Nelly was first class. Excellent, clear briefings at all times. Good group management skills and lots of helpful information about the background to Bulgaria. Thank You.'