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Rambling through the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains

Walking in the Pirin Mountains

Hiking through the Melnik Pyramids

Hiking in the Pirin Mountains

Rodopi Mountains Walking

Ascending Mt. Musala in Rila Mountains

Walking in Rodopi Mountains Forest Meadows

Rodopi Winter

Devinska Reka

Holiday Testimonials 2015


'This tour was so much better than expected. I am so impressed with the places we visited, the cultural activities and hikes. There just aren't enough words to express what a wonderful experience I had. It was the experience of a lifetime. I couldn't imagine this trip without Nelie. She was the most wonderful guide I have ever had. She tirelessly answered our questions, worked with the hotel staff on special food requirements, etc. I don;t know if she ever found time to relax. I would recommend her to anyone, and she was a wonderful example for other guides. She taught us so much about Bulgaria.'


'I totally enjoyed this trip. Off the beaten track and not yet spoiled by mass tourism. A snake trying to eat a toad was another highlight! Neli knows very much about the flora and fauna of the Rodopi Mountains.'


'Every walk was different from the other and they were all beautiful. The leader knew the area very well. She took care about the people who needed some more care. She was a very kind and warm person. We enjoyed the holiday very much!'

A.V. & E.W.

'This tour exceeded expectations. Neli showed us Bulgaria in a way that made me excited to tell people to come visit! The trip was a perfect mix of hiking, culture, learning local traditions & customs, great food, and wonderful weather and people. Neli deserves special recognition for showing us the best that Bulgaria has to offer. She is an exceptional guide. She is knowledgeable, warm, very accommodating, ans always acts with keeping the best interests of the group in mind. She went above and beyond to make this a special experience for all of us'


'We have had a very enjoyable holiday. We usually have ‘self guided’ holidays and were a bit apprehensive about being in a group. Thanks to the good planning we had a very good holiday. We enjoyed all the walks. The highlight of each day was walking across open wild flower meadows with views. We enjoyed passing through villages and seeing people working in the fields. Svetoslava is a very accomplished tour leader. She provided just the right amount of information, kept us informed, but allowed us freedom to indulge our individual interests.'

R.C & J.C.

'I expected the opportunity to see wildlife, and the contrasting high walks, forestry, provided that. It was a very enjoyable adventure. Nellie was so enthusiastic and very well informed and with great English. She was always around and helpful. A gem!'


'We have never been on one of these tours before, but after this experience we will do so again. Neli was beyond our expectations. She explained everything clearly, was always friendly and seemed extremely knowledgeable about both the natural and social world of the area.'


'The range of habitats seen was amazing, each had its own thing to offer. The wild flowers were lovely. Nelly is endlessly patient and encouraging. She doesn’t make it a race and so there is plenty of time to observe and enjoy. Such a good tour leader.'


'There was such a wide variety of walks and visits during the week. Everything was good including the cookery class and the folk dancing and singing. Neli more than met our expectations. She had excellent knowledge of the area and was an excellent guide. Moreover, she was very friendly, had a good sense of humour and nothing was too much trouble. She is an excellent ambassador for Bulgaria.'


'I was a bit apprehensive before joining the tour but it has been a great experience. All the walks were fabulous. I can’t chose one above the other but each one was enhanced by our guide. The leader exceeded expectations, so encouraging, knowledgeable, friendly and rightly proud of her beautiful country.'


'Nelly was lovely, helpful and always cheerful. Good leadership skills and caring.'


'The cave tours were amazing. We really enjoyed them. All the walks were well planned and varied in landscape and scenery. The day in the nature preserve was also very interesting. A good program of events overall…Svetla was very knowledgeable, accommodating and fun. It was apparent that she knew the Rodopi area well and enjoyed what she did. Her gentle nature and lively spirit made the trip.'

L.L. & T.L.

'All the walks were great. We enjoyed the holiday immensely. Vladimir is an excellent leader – well organised, knowledgeable and friendly. The holiday exceeded our expectations, we have had a fantastic holiday.'

R.G & C.G

'This was a fantastic trip - well organized, a great mix of hiking, sightseeing and relaxing. Neli is an exceptional guide. She works incredibly hard and makes sure everybody was having a good trip.  Neli taught us a lot about Bulgaria and was very patient with all our questions.'


'Vladimir is one of the best leaders! So knowledgeable & helpful, relaxed and engaging. He made the holiday very special.'


'Vladimir has been great all along the way; always very knowledgeable, friendly and smiling. I had a great holiday, which by far exceeded my expectations.'


'One of the best tour leaders I have been with. Kept the group together and set the right pace. Extremely knowledgeable, no question left unanswered.'


'The people, the food and the country combined to create a wonderful holiday! Bulgaria is a beautiful country.'


'Vladimir is fantastic with vast knowledge of the mountains, plants and history. Very accommodating to our needs too.'


'Vladimir was excellent! Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and funny. He tried to keep everyone happy, and was very accurate in his timings. A friendly and fantastic guide.'


'The leader was very good both in terms of leading walks and pointing out flora and fauna.'


'It was wonderful to travel to such a remote region and be made so welcome. I loved the walks through the high wild flower meadows with the magnificent butterflies.'


'We enjoyed all the walks. Svetla was organised, calm and provided information on the region’s history.'

M.P. & H.P.

'A perfect stress free getaway!'


'The leader was very good fun and told a lot about the areas that we walked in and Bulgaria in general. She made the trip very pleasant.  She was also very patient with the slower people during the walks.'


'The tour leader was absolutely excellent. Good communication and always available to answer any questions.'

R.F & B.E.

'The leader managed things well. A pleasant person with a good sense of humour and a fine participation in the group.'

L G.

'Een onvergetelyke reis, bouen mÿn verwachtingen. Fantastische reisleidster.'

M. H.

'Bulgaria had wonderful nature and hikes. The leader was professional and had good humour.  I would love to have her on a next trip as a guide.'


'Svetla was knowledgeable and personable. Gave us a good insight to Bulgarian life and environment.'

J.L. & G.L.