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Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria

Spring Birdwatching Holiday in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria: Struma Valley

Summer Birdwatching Holiday in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria: Strandzha & Sakar

Autumn Bird Watching Holidays in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria: Black Sea Coast

Winter Birdwatching Holiday in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Holidays in Bulgaria: Rodopi Mountains

Balkan Trek's unique bespoke birdwatching holidays in Bulgaria are offered to individuals, couples, small private groups and societies. All birdwatching holidays can be tailor-made to suite your own requirements, and are carefully designed to provide a comprehensive ornithological exploration of the most rewarding birdwatching locations in Bulgaria, including many of  the officially designated Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has long been renowned by ornithologists and birdwatchers as one of the top European destinations for a birdwatching holiday, on account of its exceptional variety of birds. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in Bulgaria, including an incredible 37 species of diurnal birds of prey, making Bulgaria one of the most outstanding destinations for raptor watching in Europe.

The richness of Bulgaria's birdlife is greatly influenced by its geographic location. Bulgaria occupies a central location in the Western Palearctic region, and stands at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Indeed Bulgaria lies along two major bird migration routes, the Via Pontica and Via Aristotelis.

Bulgaria’s great variety of habitats, not only offer important refueling and resting places for migrating and over-wintering birds, but they are also valuable breeding sites for numerous species of resident and summer visiting birds. Birdwatchers are, therefore, spoiled for choice with where to go for their birdwatching holiday in Bulgaria, as rare and interesting birds can be observed in every region of Bulgaria.

Among birdwatchers, Bulgaria is perhaps best known as a destination for birdwatching holidays at the Black Sea coast, particularly during migration periods when bird activity along the Via Pontica migration route is at its peak, and the Burgas wetlands, and those along the northern part of Bulgaria's Black Sea, are magnets for birds. However, there are other excellent lakes and marshes for birdwatching dotted along the river Danube, and the north-eastern corner of Bulgaria is particularly rewarding in winter on account of the concentration of geese and other wildfowl that can then appear.

The mountains of Bulgaria are also outstanding places for birdwatching holidays. Another very popular choice for birdwatchers are birdwatching holidays in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains, the realm of raptors, and refuge for elusive grouse, woodpeckers and owls, as well as of course, the iconic Wallcreeper. Meanwhile, a birdwatching holiday in the Struma valley & south-western mountains, enables birdwatchers to observe, not only those species passing along the valley itself whilst using the Via Aristotelis migration route, but also track down some interesting alpine and montane birds amongst the high peaks of the Rila and Pirin Mountains, which border the Struma Valley. 

In the opposite far south-eastern corner of Bulgaria, a birdwatching holiday in the Strandzha & Sakar mountains is also likely to be extremely rewarding, enabling birdwatchers to combine some birding on the coast with exploration of rolling woodland, grassland and agricultural habitats, as well as an extensive network of pristine river valleys and occasional rocky outcrops..

To find out more about the opportunities for tailor-made birdwatching holidays in Bulgaria, and to discuss your own specific plans and requirements, please email Balkan Trek. We will be happy to design and organize for you a unique and highly rewarding birdwatching holiday in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, all our birdwatching holidays in the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains are organized in co-operation with the local NGO 'Wild Rodopi', ensuring that you not only have the best opportunities to observe and photograph some of the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains rarest and most beautiful birds, but will also be directly contributing to the work of the NGO 'Wild Rodopi' and help funding their efforts to research and conserve the birds of the Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains.